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I am a native New Yorker,  mommy to London and bulldog Tubbs, chefs wife, special events manager and children’s book author.  I take life experiences and interests and put a playful spin on them. My writing style is to bring a modern and relatable edge with culture to my stories. I always had a creative edge and  a playful mind. I am inspired by life and love being a mom to London. I love to teach my daughter through fun and unique ideas. 


A fun fact about myself is I am the great granddaughter of the pioneer cartoonist, inventor and artist named Dave Fleischer, who created Betty Boop cartoons, Popyee cartoons, among other pop cultural masterpieces.

I always had the drive to tap into my creative being and share my ideas with the world. 

I think expressing yourself through art and writing are some of the most important and rewarding therapies you can find. 

This blog is to promote a positive, self loving environment where I hope to influence and inspire people to tap into their creative beings. 

Everyone has talent...sometimes you just need to dig deep into your soul to find it.

XoXo Love,


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