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One of the hardest things I have ever did, besides child labor is to write about myself. Well, I am a native New Yorker born and raised in Queens and Long Island. I am on the  cusp of Gen X and being a Millennial, though I identify more as a Gen X gal. I am a daughter, sister, wife and new mommy to London.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy as a kid, I struggled some what and I believe my struggle only made me stronger. I also believe this disability opens up my creative being.  True Story - You can even look up creativity and epilepsy, it’s actually a real thing. Some of the greats were epileptic. 

I have always been attracted to creativity with interests in the performing arts and creative writing industries. I studied communications, TV  and film at Hofstra University. I have interned and worked at radio stations and talent agencies. In college I interned at 92.7 WLIR and Party 105.3, Violator Records and top talent agencies. After I graduated college I worked at the Gersh  Agency, which is a top bi-costal talent agency. I later refocused into the events industry. I am currently a special events manager at an exclusive private Ivy league club located in Midtown Manhattan.

As a hobby  I always would write creatively.  When friends or family would read my short stories and poems, they always told me that I had talent. I always was very critical of my writing because I always looked at myself as more of a math girl, never the best at spelling.  

I received very good feedback from my first children’s book and executed to self publish it. I am currently working on a few others books, which are all modern and relatable books.

I can‘t wait to share them all!

xoxo Love,


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